SPARK Neuro is a pioneer in the field of Neuroanalytics. They are looking to build a robust research tool that enables researchers to conduct studies, measure Neural data, and deliver moment-to-moment analysis of audience engagement across disciplines like Advertising Research, Defense and Medicine.

UX Designer


MVP tested & launched

My role

I worked as the lead UX designer collaborating with neuroscientists, researchers, data scientists and marketing technology leads to prototype and test the neuroanalytics tool.

UX Process

User Research

I conducted primary and secondary research to understand user needs and pain points as well as evaluate the current solution.

Stakeholder interviews to identify various use cases & the product lifecycle.

Cognitive walkthroughs to understand current user flows and identify pain points.

Heuristic Evaluation to gather key research regarding the UX of the competitive product analysis.

Competitive analysis

Ideation workshops

I led collaborative design sprint workshops with key stakeholders including neuroscientists, researchers and data scientists.

Objectives for the workshop included:

  • Define user goals
  • Identify pain points
  • Brainstorm solutions through free sketching
  • Evaluate sketches and refine to develop key user paths

User personas

As an outcome of the design sprint workshop, I defined 4 key user personas who will interact with the tool throughout different stages of the study lifecycle. Based on user motivations and interactions, the 4 personas included Participants/Subjects, Testers/Administrators, Researchers, and Clients.

User personas
Design sprint workshop

Defining Success Metrics

Through the design sprint workshops, I was also able to define the key success metrics for this tool.

Wireframing & prototyping

Testing & Validation

I conducted user studies with researchers to evaluate the solution.

MVP and Design System

I designed the MVP for the Neuroanalytics tool to be used for marketing research studies by the team. I also developed the first version of the core Spark UI Design Library with components, patterns & style guide for the tool which can be extended to secondary interfaces for the tool.

Results and next steps