About me

Hi, I’m Nithya Asokan. I’m a Product & UX Designer, currently working at Amazon building experiences for B2B customers.

I enjoy taking on challenging UX problems, driving strong design values & collaborating with business & technology teams to design and deliver thoughtful user experiences that truly empower users. I am passionate about building products & services that create impact.

In my spare time, I mentor upcoming designers, speak & write about my work and experiment in design. I also enjoy cooking, gardening & exploring art & history.

Download my resume PDF here.

Nithya is truly a great mentor! I got the chance to have a lovely session with her, where she so kindly dropped so many kind nuggets of wisdom. She is super patient, understanding and a great listener. I believe that she would make an exceptional motivational speaker as she really knows her stuff and knows how to connect with who she’s speaking with. I cannot recommend Nithya enough!

— Samantha

I had an amazing conversation with Nithya. She answered all of my questions in great detail and gave me useful advice for my upcoming interviews. I found the professional, yet friendly way she expresses herself to be quite impressive and inspired me to work on my own communication skills. Overall, 10/10 mentor, listener, speaker. I can’t recommend Nithya enough!

— Jessica

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